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5 - 13th August 2023



BuddhaDharmaSangha Summer Camp 2023

BuddhaDharmaSangha Summer Camp 2023
BuddhaDharmaSangha Summer Camp 2023


5 - 13th August 2023


* We are now fully booked for the BuddhaDharmaSangha Summer Camp 2023 - we sometimes get lastminute cancellations - if you'd like to be placed on a waitlist please click email us on:*

We are so looking forward to welcoming you to the BDS Summer Camp 2023.

Please make sure you have read the Camp Information page before booking your place. 

Costs including food:

  • Adults: £300 - £450
  • Adults aged 18-24: £220 - £320
  • Young people aged 3-17: £180 -  £250
  • Children under 3: free

Payment is offered on a sliding incremental scale, please choose what you can afford within these amounts.

Dana (donations) are invited for the teachers at the end of the camp.

If you would like to attend the camp and are not able to make full payment at this time, or would like to inquire about our bursary rate places, please contact us on

Arrival and departure

In order to create a deepening into common-unity, all participants are requested to arrive by 5pm on Saturday 5th August and stay until the ending of the camp at midday on Sunday 13th August.

If this is not going to be possible for you, it is important that you email us to see if we can accommodate this.

A Reminder

In choosing to book for the camp this year, you are making a commitment to wholeheartedly participate in the core structural elements of camp, including:

  • engaging in the practices and teachings offered
  • attending daily camp gatherings and small group sharing meetings
  • contributing to the work of camp life
  • keeping the morning silence 

We see these as the essential foundations of the camp in being a field of dharma practice and spiritual community. Although it may sometimes be challenging to do so, our shared and conscious commitment to practice together within the forms, and stay with the process, is much of what gives the camp its specific and precious nourishing capacity and transformative power.

Cancellation Policy

Please note, if you have to cancel your place up to 6 weeks before the camp we can offer a full refund less an admin fee of £80 per adult, £40 per child. Less than 6 weeks before camp we are not able to offer a refund unless we are able to fill the place (less the admin fee as above).


  • Adult: £300 - £450

    From £300.00 to £450.00
    Sold Out
    • £450.00
    • £430.00
    • £410.00
  • Adults (18 - 24): £220 - £320

    From £220.00 to £320.00
    Sold Out
    • £320.00
    • £300.00
    • £290.00
  • Child aged 3 - 18: £180 - £250

    From £180.00 to £250.00
    • £250.00
    • £240.00
    • £230.00
  • Infant (aged under 3)

  • Agreed Work Exchange

    Please only click on this option if you already have a registered and confirmed work exchange place

  • Donation to the Bursary Fund

    This allows us to offer reduced cost places to people who would love to join the BDS camp but are prevented from doing so due to financial circumstances.

    Pay what you want



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