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About the Practices

The culture of the camp is supported by our engagement with various practices - meditation, movement, community and relational.


Meditation is founded on the conscious cultivation of our capacity to embody a sensitive and caring wakefulness in every moment, through giving a careful attention to each experience.  We will offer a range of practices that cultivate the two interweaving strands of calm and insight also known as samatha-vipassana.  Samatha - a natural gathering, simplifying, and brightening of our presence through kindly and steadily attending to our body, heart and mind. Vipassana - ways of seeing and sensing deeply into experiences that unbind the heart and allow us to awaken to a natural peace and liberating clarity.  We will explore the very ground of our interconnected lives and the world we are part of, practising in the spirit of loving kindness and compassion for others and ourselves.


Through various movement practices we will explore ways of cultivating presence.  An embodied, heartful awareness that is naturally curious, responsive, insightful and engaged with the immediacy of our experience.  Resting in presence, our being can begin to feel safe enough to relax and unwind, freeing up our capacity to live more fully this precious life; opening to the possibility of tasting the freedom of embracing life as it unfolds, in all its ups and downs - the glorious, the messy, the awkward and the delightful.  This is a very personal and individual enquiry for each of us.


This includes the daily camp gathering, being part of a small group, ritual and occasional ceremony.  

Drawing from our collective wisdom, these practices offer opportunities to come together in different ways to creatively honour, celebrate and attend to ourselves, each other and aspects of our life.

Community practices invite us all to give attention individually and collectively to what we may be called on to respond to in the camp and beyond.


This will include a range of practices such as loving kindness and compassion meditation and guided meditative interactive inquiry.

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