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About the Practices

Insight (Vipassana) and Samatha Meditation

Drawn directly from the teachings of the Buddha, Insight Meditation is founded on the conscious cultivation of our capacity to embody a sensitive and caring wakefulness in every moment, through giving a care-full attention to each experience. From this quality of being present, our heart and mind begin to awaken to a natural peace and liberating clarity, freeing us from the power of greed, negativity and confusion. We will explore our body, heart and mind, and the very ground of our interconnected lives and the world we are part of, practising in the spirit of loving kindness and compassion for others and ourselves.

Qigong and Movement

Qigong offers a gentle and yet dynamic complement to sitting meditation. At the core of the practice is the art of Wu Wei – ’effortless action’, letting go of our habitual striving and pushing, settling into our experience of body/mind and allowing activity to flow from here. Grounded in our inner experience we can begin to cultivate our aliveness (or Qi) through simple movements, standing postures, hand gestures, mental focus and intention. This helps to mobilise our inner resources, release stagnation and tiredness and generate increased mental clarity and strength of body.

Community Practices

Including  the daily camp gathering, sharing groups, ritual and council-meetings.
Drawing from our collective wisdom these practises offer opportunities to come together in different ways to creatively honour, celebrate  and attend to ourselves,  each other and aspects of our life.
Community practises invite us all to give attention individually and collectively to what we may be called on to respond to in the camp and beyond.

Relational Practices

This will include a range of practices such as loving kindness and compassion meditation and interactive  inquiry.

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