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Do I need a tent?

Yes, everyone brings their own tent. A complete list of recommended things to bring is sent before the camp.

Can I attend part of the camp only?
We ask everyone to arrive at the beginning and stay to the end of the camp.  Arriving late or leaving early can be unsettling both to yourself and other campers. During the camp we establish an increasingly strong and close community. Coming at the beginning and staying til the end helps create a safe and contained experience in which we can all drop deeper and relax. Everyone’s experience is richer for this. Therefore we ask everyone to arrive at the beginning and stay to the end and, in the interest of creating a well held camp, we may decline a request for arriving late or leaving early.

Can I invite friends to visit during camp?
It is better that you go out to meet visiting friends rather than they come into the camp. This is not because of unfriendliness but because, once we have settled into the rhythm of the camp, a stranger walking into its midst can be unsettling. We do make exceptions to this, especially when a parent is visiting a child or other similar circumstance. If this is the case, please let us know at least a day beforehand so that we can make everyone aware of the visit.

What does my payment include?
Everything. Your food, camping fee etc are all included. You will not need money during the camp except for personal outings.  The teachers offer the teachings freely.  Danas (donations) are invited for the teachers at the end of the camp.

I have special dietary needs. What happens about that?
All food at the camp is vegetarian and we cater for gluten free, wheat free and dairy free as a matter of course. As part of your booking procedure you will be asked about any other specific health-related dietary needs. This information is given to our kitchen manager and we will do our best to provide for you.  If you have very specific needs you may prefer to bring some of your own supplies.

Is there a quiet camping zone?
The camp is fairly quiet with no electronic or amplified sound. However, quieter camping is at the back of the site.

Can I bring a camper van?

You are welcome to bring a camper van, we have an area for camper vans at the rear of the camping area near to the car parking.

Do many people come alone or do most come in couples or friendship groups?
Some come singly and some in couples, some with family some without, some knowing absolutely no one and some have been coming for years and know lots of people. We give a great deal of attention to welcoming everyone and helping you integrate into camp life.

What’s the average age of campers?
We now have a fairly complete demographic from babes in arms through to people in their sixties or seventies. All age groups are present – a true tribal community – and all are equally valued.

Can I bring my dog?
Unfortunately we cannot allow dogs on the site. There is a woman living a hundred yards or so from the site who takes in dogs if this is of interest.

What are the facilities on the site?
Our camp is very down to earth and simple. We have compost toilets and running mains water with a hot water heater for the washing up area. There is a shower enclosure with a simple bucket shower, some people take hot water back to their tents, or there are specified areas of the stream where bathing is possible.  There is also a sauna. Clothing is optional in bathing areas, we do our best to keep these areas more private. Hot water for tea is heated on the central fire. There are several carpeted domes and yurts, one with a woodstove and some covered social areas.

Can I charge my phone/devices?

I'm afraid that we are not able to provide a facility to charge any electrics whilst on camp.  If this is important to you, you may want to bring your own power bank.  We do provide you with an emergency contact number in case anyone needs to contact you whilst on camp (if your phone has run out of charge or you'd prefer to turn it off).

No drugs or alcohol

Over the years we have increasingly come to value our no alcohol policy. It’s not that we think alcohol is a bad thing but that there is a huge value in living together in an alcohol free space for a few days, especially when for many people this camp is a deeply transformative experience. So we ask that no alcohol or drugs are brought to the camp and invite you to enjoy the clarity and relief this agreement brings

What if I am no longer able to attend the camp after paying for my place?

If you have to cancel your place up to 8 weeks before the camp we can offer a full refund less an admin fee of £85 per adult, £40 per child. Less than 8 weeks before camp we are not able to offer a refund unless we are able to fill the place (less the deposit as above).

Can I take photos at camp?
It’s lovely to have photos but we find that this can sometimes be a sensitive issue. As a general guideline please don’t use your camera in any way that may feel invasive or unwelcome. Ask if you are not sure. We do ask that you do not publish photos of anyone on social media without their explicit consent.

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