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Vision Statement

Our core values

To orient our hearts to the Buddha, Dharma and Sangha

To support deep wellbeing, Awakening and transformation
To recognise non-Separation – acknowledging that we are embedded in life and affecting life
To reflect community – valuing connection, diversity and inclusivity
To develop respect for polarities and pluralities – wisdom of the middle way, avoiding extremes
To share spiritual practice, kindness, discipline and attunement
To enable maturing wisdom and compassion for the welfare of all

Vision statement

The BuddhaDharmaSangha Camp exists…

To create a sacred container for practitioners of Buddhadharma to connect and deepen in the path of Awakening, as a diverse and inclusive multi-generational Sangha, aspiring to explore and embody wisdom and compassion together.

To support  the health, sanity and deepest wellbeing of future generations, as well as the awakening and transformation of the living generation.

To recognise  and heal the separation that can arise between so-called ‘spiritual’ and ‘worldly’ life. We see the camp as not separate from the outside world, but rather being part of and participating in it, and seek to deepen our shared understanding that each of our actions affects everything, everywhere. Accordingly we recognise that we affect the world right now: there is an immediate effect to what we create, as well as through what is developed and cultivated in and for the future.

To reflect and respond to the heartfelt human longing for connection through community, embracing its beauty, its joy and its challenges. We aspire to relationships based on deep respect for each other and all of life and a shared attitude of non-harming, where we can feel valued, loved, accepted, and reflected, and where we are encouraged to discover and explore our human potential. We are committed to an expression of community that honours our diversity and the unique gifts we each have to offer, and which gives each participant the possibility of being part of and participating in something we value.

To develop our capacity to recognise and hold the dynamic tension between polarities with skill and sensitivity. In this spirit we recognise the need to balance creativity and continuity, honouring the need to both preserve and to innovate. We are committed to exploring how the tension between all apparent opposites can be creatively engaged with, and not solidified into polarised fixed positions that are perceived as inherently in conflict.

To share, transmit and encourage the practice of spiritual disciplines in support of cultivating the wholesome. We value the renunciation of not always just going with preferences based in what is most superficially comfortable, easy or familiar, but instead looking deeply to see what really serves the welfare of ourselves and others. We recognise the need for a balance to be found between authentic personal choices and self care, on one hand, and the upholding of shared commitments  and undertakings, requiring dedication, discipline and at times surrender, on the other hand.
To enable our individual and collective growing to deep human maturity, in the ways our current era and its particular challenges call for. For the welfare, the awakening and the liberation of all beings, and all of life!

Kirsten, Yanai, Catherine and Brad

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