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Camp Information

5 - 13th August 2023

You are warmly invited to participate in our annual BuddhaDharmaSangha camp – a gathering of dharma friends new and old. The camp is a wonderful opportunity to practice Dharma in the time honoured way of the Buddha – together with a like minded Sangha; the community, co-created by each of us; held by and being part of the wider community of the natural world.

The days will include Insight and Samatha Meditation, Qigong and movement, as well as relational and community practices. 

We will devote time for sharing our experience in seeking to apply the dharma to our lives and the world, exploring ways to nurture spiritual companionship.

There will be space for formal practices, dharma teachings, sharing groups, rituals  as well as time for enjoying our being part of the natural world and hanging out with others, walks, swimming in the river, nights around the campfire, star gazing, songs, stories and… whatever we decide to create!

You can register your interest in joining the Camp by clicking here.

Camp Rhythms

A typical day on camp looks like this:

  • Qigong

  • Sitting meditation

  • Breakfast

  • Morning teachings and practices such as Meditation, Qigong, Movement…

  • Camp Gathering

  • Lunch

  • Open time

  • Afternoon teachings and practices such as Meditation, Relational Practices, Sharing Group practice, and other community practices

  • Dinner

  • Dharma teachings and Community activities

  • Open time around campfire, songs, stories, star gazing…..

This schedule is somewhat flexible as we respond to the current conditions and the changing needs and circumstances of our community.

General Camp Guidelines

Everyone who attends the camp commits to supporting the cohesiveness of the camp community by engaging in the practices and teachings offered and attending daily Camp Gatherings and small group sharing meetings.  Additionally, we hold an atmosphere of silence throughout the morning until the Camp Gathering in order to support our practice.  

In order to create the possibility of deepening into common-unity, and to support the running of the camp, we ask that all participants commit to arriving on the first day and staying for the whole duration of the camp, i.e. until midday on the last day. We request that no drugs, alcohol or dogs are brought to the camp.

These are essential parts of what makes the BDS such a unique and wonderful field of spiritual practice and community.

The Beautiful Venue

This secluded site is on south east edge of Dartmoor National Park, Devon and exudes both the peace and wildness of the moors. It is surrounded by hills, trees and bordered by the bubbling ‘Holy Brook’. We are within easy walking distance of the River Dart, with its swimming places and wooded walks, as well as the open moor and its magical wildness. We bathe in the stream and use specially made compost loos. We have a large Yurt for practicing in and several geodomes for smaller meetings.


Costs including food:

  • Adults: £300 - £450

  • Adults aged 18 - 24: £220 - £320

  • Young people aged 3 - 17: £180 - £250

  • Children under 3 are free ​

All prices are on a sliding scale, please pay what you can afford within these amounts.

Danas (donations) are invited for the teachers at the end of the camp.


In the tradition of the Buddha, the dharma teachings are considered precious and beyond price.
The camp teachers Yanai, Kirsten, Brad and Catherine, share their experience and understanding without being paid from the camp fees for offering the teaching. They rely upon the generosity and financial support of those who value the teachings to live in this way. “Dana” means generosity and sharing what we have, to support that which we value. Participants on the camp will be invited to offer dana to the teachers in this spirit.


We cook communally using mainly local organic vegetables and vegetarian wholefoods. The cost of the food is included in the price of the camp and we  try and cater for special diets as much as possible.


Children are very welcome on the camp.  They are the future of our community.  We have a dedicated kids team who offer sessions of organised games and activities for children aged three to seventeen, allowing their parents/carers to attend practice sessions in the morning and the afternoon.


Unfortunately we cannot allow dogs on the site. There is a woman living a hundred yards or so from the site who takes in dogs if this is of interest.

You may find it useful to look at our Further Answered Questions

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