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The Teachers

Brad Richecoeur


Kirsten Kratz 

This camp brings together many of my passions in life – the dharma, embodied awakening, Dartmoor and good company! I have been involved in Dharma practice since 1985, began studying Qigong with Master Zhixing Wang in 1989 and embodied non-dual teachings in 2004.


Yanai Postelnik

Since first encountering Buddha-dharma and meditation while travelling in Asia in 1989, I have devoted my life to practising, studying and serving the dharma full time, and have been leading insight meditation retreats in the UK and world wide since 1993. I also lead various courses combining meditation and silence with being in nature, and find this to be a wonderful combination. This camp combines these with our sharing and living together and offers many rich possibilities.

I first came across Insight Meditation in India in 1993 and started teaching in 2006. I'm one of the teachers supporting the personal work retreat programme in Gaia House. One of my passions is exploring how wisdom teachings can foster appropriate responses to the challenges of our time and I see my involvement in activism as an important expression of my practice. I am particularly interested in the community aspect of the BDS camp; the beauty, the challenges and the rich soil it provides for our individual and collective maturing.


Catherine McGee

I have been offering teachings at the camp for about twenty years now and feel like I have grown up as a teacher alongside the camp.  

I have been teaching Insight Meditation retreats since 1999 and teacher yearly at IMS and BCBS.  Between 2014-2020 I collaborated closely with Rob Burbea in shaping and teaching "A Soulmaking Dharma".



In the tradition of the Buddha, the dharma teachings are considered precious and beyond price.

The camp teachers Yanai, Kirsten, Brad and Catherine, share their experience and understanding without being paid from the camp fees for offering the teaching. They rely upon the generosity and freely given financial support of those who value the teachings to live in this way. “Dana” means generosity and sharing what we have, to support that which we value. Participants on the camp will be invited to offer dana to the teachers in this spirit.

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