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First time coming to BuddhaDharmaSangha Camp?


Welcome to BDS Camp. We look forward to meeting you in the field this summer. This letter is both to welcome you and give you more information about the camp to help you settle into camp life.


The site
Our site is a beautiful Dartmoor meadow bisected by a small stream known as the Holy Brook and nestled on the edge of National Trust woodland. We have run our camps here since the year 1999 and were lucky enough to be able to buy the land in 2013. The money was a legacy gifted to us by a longterm Rise Up Singing camper whose life was transformed by her experiences in the field. In 2015 we formed Holy Brook Meadows CIC (Community Interest Company) which now owns and stewards the land.  We will send you further information and directions for finding the site a couple of weeks before the camp starts.


What to expect on arrival
Arrival is between 2 and 5pm on the Saturday. You will be met near the gate by one of the team who will go through a simple registration and give you some basic information. You then unload and pitch your tent. There will be people around if you need help choosing a spot or are struggling with your tent. The rear of the camping area is reserved for camper vans. Please park your car in the parking area once you are sorted. There will also be someone around the central fire to help you get a cup of tea (bring your mug). There is a meeting for people who are attending the camp for the first time at 5pm on the day of arrival to help you orientate to the site.  Supper is served around 6pm, announced by the sound of a gong. 


The first evening
After dinner everyone meets in their small group (see below) with a member of the core team at about 7.30. Here you will be given a bit more information about the camp and about the next day’s schedule. This is also a chance to learn a few names and get to know your group. At around 8pm the whole camp meets in the big yurt across the stream for a ceremonial opening.


What is a small group?
During the camp you will belong to a small group. Your group of about a dozen or so people is a support for your journey through the camp. Your group will meet every other day to get to know each other and check in about your own experience of the camp and hear from others. On alternate days you also either cook lunch or supper together for the whole camp with the help of our kitchen managers, or you do some work helping to maintain the site.  If you have come with children/teens, they will be invited to help with cooking or site activities where possible.  The small group gatherings for sharing experiences are generally for adults only. 


Daily camp gathering
At midday every day we meet as the whole camp, to experience the full circle of the camp community. This is a place where information about each day is announced and any other camp business is discussed. We encourage everyone to come but if for any reason you miss it, it is worth checking in with someone who was there to keep up to speed with any announcements.


6.30-8am movement and meditation

10-12 morning practice

2.30-4.30pm  afternoon practice

5.30pm meditation

8pm  evening practice

It’s good to pace yourself and not feel under pressure to do everything!


There are a number of covered areas including two carpeted yurts, a wooden floored geodesic dome with woodstove known as “The Snug” for being cosy, a marquee with straw bale seating for eating and hanging out, an awning in front of the kitchen with straw bale seating also for eating and hanging out. There are also several structures for childrens activities. We have a simple bucket shower on a pulley with an enclosure for showers there are also dedicated bathing areas in the Brook, as these areas are for bathing, clothing is optional in these places. The camp is supplied by mains water and all taps are safe to drink from. Our loos are simple compost toilets. 

Please contact us if you have any further questions

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