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Covid Guidance 2022

To reduce the risk of Covid being transmitted in our camp community we ask that everyone agrees to follow the guidelines below.

Please read carefully and tick the box below to confirm.

It is important for us to know that everyone has seen this guidance.


Prior to camp
• please take a lateral flow test 5 days prior to the camp and 24 hours before arriving. If you test positive, please let us know - we are very sorry that this would mean you cannot attend the camp. 
• if you have significant Covid symptoms (cough, sore throat, fatigue weakness, headache) prior to the camp, please take a lateral flow test and let us know the result. If you test negative and decide to still come to the camp,  we would then ask you to test daily for as long as the symptoms continue and to wear a mask and keep socially distanced on camp.
• please consider what arrangements you need to make to be able to travel home if you test positive for Covid on camp.

• bring with you 5 lateral flow tests and a face mask per person, as you may need these.

Once we are on camp together
• if you have Covid symptoms on camp we ask that you let us know, test daily, wear a mask and keep socially distanced.
• if you test positive for Covid, we are very sorry that you would need to leave the camp and make your way home. If you are not able to leave, you would need to quarantine in and immediately outside your tent and food will be brought for you.
• if you are sharing a tent with someone who has tested positive for Covid, please wear a mask when in group spaces and keep some social distance.


Covid Cancellation Policy
After giving further consideration to the camp economics we have updated the Covid cancellation policy. If you need to cancel your place on camp due to the Covid situation we ask that you let us know as soon as possible. Due to the costs that we have already incurred, we can guarantee a refund of 75%, which would mean the camp does not make a loss on your booking.  If this would be a hardship for you, please let us know, and we could offer a 90% refund, which would enable us to just cover the cost of the transfers. We hope this is a fair and reasonable way to take care of the economic risks for camp and campers alike.  

We are aware that the Covid situation may be a significant concern for some people. If you are worried about this please do get in contact with us.  We may need to update these guidelines nearer the time depending on how the situation develops. We always aim to maintain high levels of hygiene during the camp and this will be particularly important this year. The sauna will not be open for use until Tuesday, as the risks will be greater after we have all been traveling. If you have to go off site we trust that you take extra care in cafes and shops etc as there is some increased risk of bringing Covid on to the camp.

We are very grateful in advance, for your understanding and support for our collective wellbeing.


May we all be safe and well,

Yanai Postelnik, Kirsten Kratz, Catherine McGee and Brad Richecoeur - Teachers


Brad Richecoeur, Ruth Sequeira, Dan Mobbs, Ruthie Gardiner - CIC Directors

It is important for us to know that everyone has seen this message. 
Please tick here to confirm that you have read and agreed to these guidelines

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