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Diversity and Inclusion Statement

We welcome all who may wish to come to camp, including all ethnicities, cultures, sexual orientations, gender identities, classes, religions, abilities, and ages. When we gather on opening night of the camp, we have for many years taken a few moments to express this intention, and we celebrate the degree of diversity that exists within our camp community. 


We recognise however, that many communities are not equally represented, or fully acknowledged, and that the members of these communities may not always feel equally seen, valued and supported. We understand that this will be due to dynamic structures of power, privilege, exclusion and oppression that exist, often unconsciously, in our world and inevitably within our camp.


We hear the calls from our community, and from our own hearts, to acknowledge and address this reality. We are committed to engaging in the work needed to ensure that, so far as possible, all who might wish to come to the camp would find it to be a welcoming, inclusive, and respectful space.

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