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In the last few years we have seen an increase in the incidence of ticks, but as far as we know no-one has had a bite infected with Lyme’s Disease.

All outdoor events face the risk of ticks, to varying degrees, and we don’t think there is any reason for alarm: just be informed and check yourself regularly when you are in potential tick areas.

As a precautionary measure we will mow wider paths through areas of long grass, give clear guidance before camp on how to avoid tick bites through keeping to paths, covering legs, brushing off regularly, using repellents etc. We are also reviewing our management of the grassland.

Nationally it makes sense that we all increase our awareness of ticks. We recommend Public Health England’s leaflet and Lyme Disease Action’s website as good places to start.

We keep tick removal tools in our First Aid kit but you might like to bring your own too. We also recommend bringing tea tree oil or a similar kind of disinfectant to apply in the event of a bite.

Caring for the ecology of the meadows:
To help us care for the ecology of Holy Brook Meadows we ask that you give some consideration to the products you bring with you into the field. Are they safe for life in the stream, on land and in the air? Are they safe for the soil? Are there alternatives to plastic containers/wrappings? Do you need them?

Please give this the attention it merits, for the sake of our beautiful and only planet.

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